DIY Savonius Wind Turbine Project


If like us you have always wanted to build your own wind turbine but have been put off by the cost and complexity of doing so, then this guide will be of interest to you! We wanted to find out if its possible to build a simple wind turbine that produces a small amount of energy (50 watts) using basic tools and cheap easily available materials. Fifty watts should be plenty to power some LED garden lights or charge some small batteries.

We will be building a particular type of vertical axis wind turbine called a Savonius wind turbine. The project is currently in progress and we will make regular updates as we progress with the build. As of October 2008 we have collected materials for the build and started to build the blades for the turbine. Every detail of the construction will be documented and we hope that you will be inspired to have a go at building your own.

Why a Savonius Turbine?

There are many aspects of a Savonius that we found appealing for a simple home build. They can be built from basic materials, they are less likely to suffer from failure in high winds (the tip speed never exceeds the wind speed), they do not require a tower and are more likly to work in turbulent air, meaning they can be mounted closer to the ground.


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  • Materials
  • Blade construction
  • Alternator
  • Mounting
  • Results
  • Conclusion